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Carlstadt, on the move  . . .

Governing Body Decides to Withhold $2 Million Dollar Meadowlands Tax Contribution

April 26, 2011

At a recent council meeting, the Governing Body decided to withhold their New Jersey Meadowlands Commission tax contribution payment.  This year alone, Carlstadt's payment is $2,064,042, which represents an increase of over $320,000 over last year.  "There's no benefits for our town.  The taxpayers of Carlstadt are forced to pay the Meadowlands Commission, and our money goes directly to other towns, like Kearney" said Councilman Ritchie. 

The Meadowlands tax increase could affect the "Borough's Tax Stabilization Plan," which promise a "0 point" tax increase this year, and the following years.  "The Meadowlands tax increase will likely precipitate layoffs" Mayor Roseman said.  "These are difficult times, and not just for the Borough - it's our constituents that we have a responsibility to."

Senator Sarlo has met with area Mayors and promises a plan to help alleviate the burden.  In addition, area mayors that pay the Meadowlands Commission tax have formed an action committee whose purpose is to eliminate the tax in its entirety.

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