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DPW Officers
Joseph Crifasi, Director
Dominick Bracco, Sanitation Foreman
Paul Squeo, Building & Grounds Foreman
Vincent DeCesare, Street Foreman
Margo Brislin, Secretary
William Radzinski, Borough Mechanic
Jim Lenoy, Council Liason

105 Kero Road
Carlstadt, NJ 07072-0466
Hours of Operation: Monday thru Friday 6:00AM. – 3:00PM Excluding Holidays

Collection Guidelines

Household Waste:
Collected on Mondays and Thursdays for the West side, and on Tuesdays and Fridays for the East side.

Commingled Items are collected every Wednesdays for both sides of town. For metal items, please call to schedule for pick up.

Yard Waste:
Collected on Monday for the east side and Tuesday for the west side.

Heavy Trash:
Collected on Thursdays for the West side and Fridays for the East side.
Christmas Trees:
Collected on Mondays for the East side, Tuesdays for the West side. Check your calendars for dates

Recycling Rules
Grass/Leaves/Yard Waste:
Must be in biodegradable paper bags or open can marked “Yard Waste”, Bio bags and “Yard Waste” stickers are available at the Borough Hall. The Yard waste will NOT be collected if in plastic bags.

Shrubs, brush and branches under six (6) inches Must be bundled and put at the curb on the yard west collection day. Bundles should be a MAXIMUM of 35 pounds and less than four (4) feet in length.

Stumps and Logs:
For logs, stumps and branches over six (6) inches in diameter, please call the D.P.W. to arrange for disposal. Wood Scrap: Wood scrap should be bundled in four (4) foot lengths and not exceed 35 pounds with all nails removed. These bundled should be put out on your Heavy Trash day.

Household Waste:
Any garbage that is not recycled or otherwise discussed in this calendar. Cans must NOT weigh more than 50 pounds nor be larger than 35 gallons. If you have any questions call the D.P.W.

Commingled (Mixed) Paper:
Newspaper, cardboard, chipboard, cereal boxes, junk mail, cracker boxes, telephone books, menus, magazines and all other paper that is not contaminated. Please put these items in a clean garbage can, box or paper bag. NO PLASTIC BAGS. Remember: paper with paper in paper.

Commingled (Mixed) Containers:
Glass, aluminum, tin, and plastic bottles should be put into a clean garbage can or blue recycling barrel. Please do not put into paper bags or boxes as these create collection problems.

Remember: NO toys, NO butter dishes, NO oil containers, NO Styrofoam, NO dishes, NO pots and pans, NO light bulbs, NO mirrors, and NO window glass are to be put in recycling bins.

By appointment.

West Side of Town: From Garden Street up to but NOT including Third Street.

East Side of Town: From Third street up to Route 17 Southbound.

If a holiday should fall on your collection day, please check your calendar for collection information

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