Carlstadt 125th Anniversary – Click for Agenda

This event has ended

Incorporated June 27th, 1894.

Visit the Carlstadt Historical Society for more information.

We urge everyone to come & attend our monthly meetings held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7 pm at the Carlstadt Community Center on 4th Street. All are welcome.

The Society invites everyone to visit the Firehouse Museum on Sixth Street across from Lincoln School the fourth Sunday of each month from 2 to 4 pm. If you cannot make it at that time, you need only call either Ms Arlene Kretz (President) at 201-933-1070 or Mr. Peter Lavagna (Vice-President) at 201-939-8560, to make a date for a more convenient time. The newly established local artists corner is quite interesting having just received new pictures. Videos of local interest will be shown on both the first & second floors of the museum during open hours.

We are ardently soliciting Memoirs, Short or Long, from local and former residents for our “Memory Lanes” collection, and we respectfully ask for any memorabilia residents may find in their houses be it attic or cellar from the borough’s past. The Society is currently attempting to categorize and preserve the many articles and photographs we already have and will welcome any help from anyone interested in the history of the Borough. Please contact your host Peter Lavagna (201-939-8560)

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