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Since the Borough of Carlstadt was founded in June of 1894, there has always been a need for police to keep the peace. Like any other organization in America, there is always someone in charge and the Carlstadt Police Department is no different. In 1907, Charles Schmidt was the first police chief appointed by the borough. Since this time there have been many changes in technology and laws that have helped to shape the police department into what it has become today, and we will continue to grow and expand our skills under our current Chief, Thomas Berta.

We are more than the traditional police department. In addition to our patrol unit, we also have a mounted unit, a motorcycle unit, K-9 unit and a bicycle unit.

Mission Statement
The Carlstadt Police Department is at all times committed to the utmost professionalism in providing police services to the community and each person falling within its jurisdiction, enforcing the law objectively, with integrity and courtesy, executing their duties with a spirit of cooperation and leadership, employing always a solution-focused approach to protect and serve while continuously striving for excellence.

Visit the Carlstadt Police Website: Here

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