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COVID-19 Impact on Recreation sports and activities

While we have been trying to get back to normalcy and enjoy more freedoms and activities, the fact remains that COVID-19 is still a factor that could potentially impact our daily life.

Unfortunately, with CDC required contact tracing when potential exposure occurs, has lead us back to last weekend's recreation sporting events that could have football, cheering and soccer participants, family members, coaches, and support personnel exposed to COVID-19. We were also made aware that our league counterparts have also had similar exposures. This has lead to our Carlstadt Public School reverting back to all-virtual learning through October 21st. In order to comply with the school's protective initiatives, this leaves us no alternative but to suspend all local recreation sports and activities until further notice.

We fully understand the varying opinions that will exist due to this decision, however the health and safety of our population is the primary goal and we need to cooperate with the school's efforts to protect our students, staff and residents.  Thank you.